About Us

I chose the Xolo breed because of the server allergies and asthma I have suffered from all my life. I am fortunate to have found the Xoloitzcuintli. I love the Xolo breed as they have added joy and love to my life and to the lives of my children. I highly recommend a Xolo to someone who suffers from allergies. No child should have to grow up without a dog. I enjoy working with these remarkable dogs. They are very intelligent and want to please their owners. I enjoy showing my Xolos in the conformation show ring and our championship titles range from: AKC Bronze Grand Champion, WorldJ, International, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Costarricen, Grand Costarricen, Latin American, Pan American, Las AmericaJ, ARBA, CKC, NAKC and IABCA. I am grateful for the wonderful Xolo breeders in Mexico who have helped me establish my kennel. They have entrusted me with their bloodlines and I take my guardianship seriously. I work towards the continual improvement of the Xoloitzcuintli breed.

Our Philosophy

The acquisition of a dog is not a commercial transaction, it’s a commitment on the human’s side that lasts for the lifetime of the dog, for which in return he obtains the loyalty and unconditional love of man’s best friend. I believe one of the most important obligations of a responsible breeder is to place the right dog in the right home, where they will be loved, trained and taken care of all their life. We require every prospective buyer to complete a questionnaire. This provides us with information about the people and home the dog will be placed in; which helps us make the correct placement.

How to Choose a Breeder

Questions You Should Ask The Breeder: How long have you owned Xolos? Why do you own Xolos? How long have you been breeding them? How many litters do you breed a year? Does the Xolo breed have any health problems? Do you show your Xolo in conformation and/or obedience events? (How would the breeder know how to recognize “show quality” if they never show their dogs?) If the dog is “Show” quality, ask the breeder who graded the litter and what qualified them to grade the litter? Is the pedigree of the parents and the litter available to see? Can you provide me with a photo of the Xolo that is available? Are the puppies raised inside the home as a family member or outside in kennels? What kind of socialization have the puppies had? What shots have the puppies had? At what age will you be able to take possession of the puppy? Puppies should NEVER be sold/adopted/placed before the age of 8 wks old! Are the “Pet” quality Xolos already spay/neutered prior to being sold/adopted or does the contract state this must be done by the buyer? Questions The Breeder Should Ask You: Is this your first dog? What other breeds have you had? Did you have any behavior problems with your dog? Is the dog still living? (If it has passed away why) How much information do you know about the Xolo breed? What is you purpose for obtaining the dog? (Confirmation, Obedience, Agility, Family Pet, Breeding) Who are the members of your family? What is your lifestyle like? What is your home and yard situation? How much time do you spend away from the home every day? How much time do you have to dedicate to this breed? Where will the puppy live? (In the house – in a cage or free access to the home/family or Outside – in a dog run or kennel or tethered to a tree with a dog house.) 

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are an ever growing problem in the US. As more are being brought to our attention through the news organizations, we see first-hand the horrific conditions these beautiful creatures of God are put through, just so their owners can make a quick dollar. With the ever increasing popularity of “Designer Dogs” the puppy mill business along with backyard breeding has surged out of control. The animal shelters are full of these dogs. If you are interested in a Xoloitzcuintle, please make sure you buy your dog from a reputable and ethical breeder who is a member in good standing with the Xoloitzcuintli Club of America or the Xoloitzcuintle Club of USA. Make sure you research the breed and do your homework, as well as screening the breeder thoroughly, especially where health, temperament and pedigrees are concerned. Please be aware and NEVER buy a dog from a pet shop! Reputable breeders will never sell dogs to pet shops or sell their dogs through online auction sites.